Why Eat IT

Amaze your guests with the flavorful experience of one of the most creative restaurants in Oradea.

Head Chef Valentin Dumea and Sous Chef Lucian Balea, the two experienced artisans in the kitchen at Eat IT, have crafted a party menu inspired by the à la carte menu, giving you the opportunity to surprise your guests.

Eat IT catering means tastes, aromas, colors, and textures from around the world, featuring ingredients from meat and fish for a relaxed gourmet experience... eating with your hands has never been more spectacular:

Pulled Pork Bhao Buns with Hoisin sauce and Thai salad

Bruschetta with roasted peppers and goat cheese

Bruschetta with cream cheese, prosciutto crudo, and caramelized peaches

Mini burgers with beef cheeks slow-cooked for 10 hours in red wine and Jus sauce

Blini with smoked salmon, Parmesan emulsion, and lumpfish roe

Arancini with Grana cheese, capers, and olives

Veggie rolls with raw vegetables, salad, and hummus