who are we

Eat It, the gourmet 'atelier' in the heart of the beautiful city of Oradea.

The concept of ’casual gourmet’ means for us that we cook impeccably and we love to do things in a different way but not complicated, using various cooking techniques and platings with colors for nature. Our menu is the result of many years of experience in homemade pasta & grill cuisine - fresh pasta made in-house for the Eat It pasta food truck and chargrilling in the Steak HUB restaurant, the most serious steakhouse in Oradea.




Our pasta is kneaded every day based on a classic Italian recipe: durum wheat, eggs, eater, and salt. We choose to add in the menu both classic Italian pasta dishes and more ’different’ recipes in which our guests will discover complementary tastes and textures, the success of any delicious dish. The perfect texture of a fresh egg pasta combined with simple or elaborated pasta sauces is the essence of Italian pasta cuisine. We can say that with us you can eat the pasta made by the famous Italian grandma, ’nonna’.






Aged beef is a key part of our menu here at Eat IT. We’re loyal to quality meat no matter it comes from. The joy of the culinary experience is that we use several cuts of beef and cook it with various cooking techniques.

We cook the brisket 12 hours in ’sous vide’ for the juicy brisket super sandwich, we make the classic cheesesteak sandwich with pan-fried skirt steak, we cook the Angus burger medium, we serve the South American premium file as the most creamy tartare and we chargrill the flank steak for the perfect tagliata. Of course, the premium cuts, sirloin, file, and rib-eye are present and chargrilled to perfection. We grill meat medium for the perfect steak experience.






The sweets lovers will indulge themselves with the most surprising Tiramisu…aged rum, Nespresso and a confit orange are the secrets behind our Tiramisu experience. Our tarts from the french pastry cuisine are based on almost pharmaceutical combinations of tastes and textures creating unforgettable desert moments.





Last but not least, a great dish should always have the best wine or the best-crafted gin-tonics close to it. We have made sure to offer you the maximum dining experience with an extended wine list and a signature gin-tonics selection…our passionate manager and sommelier made sure you will remember our pairings.

Casual gourmet thanks for visiting us…and if you didn’t already, we invite you to see how in love we are with what we do.

Eat IT team