who are we

Welcome to Eat IT casula gourmet kitchen, a haven of gourmet cuisine where passion for flavor and quality converge!

Discover an explosion of authentic flavors, savored with each step through meticulously crafted dishes made from the finest ingredients for an exceptional culinary experience.

Led by Head Chef Valentin Dumea and Sous Chef Lucian Balea, our kitchen team, with rich international experience, blends tradition with innovation, using various cooking techniques to transform each dish into a work of art.

At Eat IT, we offer our fresh pasta made right in our restaurant, ensuring unparalleled authenticity and freshness.

Additionally, we are dedicated to delighting your senses with dishes cooked on our charcoal grill, providing a unique aroma and an unmistakable texture.

At Eat IT, each meal becomes a culinary journey showcasing flavorful dishes crafted with passion and attention to detail.

We invite you to explore our delicious dishes and enjoy the culinary art at Eat IT, where the diversity of cooking techniques and the freshness of ingredients make each meal a memorable taste experience !